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About V & S Molding, Inc.

Plant Interior
Plant Interior

Ben Veltien President

Founded in 1982, V&S Molding Inc. is a privately owned 2nd generation family business specializing thermoplastic injection molding and tooling from 30 Tons to 400 Tons of clamp force.

Owner and President Ben Veltien took over day to day operations in 1996 from his father, John Veltien who started the company in Longmont Colorado in 1982. In July 2007, V&S Molding moved into a brand new 14,000 square foot facility which was specifically designed for injection molding and tool building. Nearly twice the square footage, V&S now has added much needed manufacturing, tooling, and warehousing space.

We operate our business with the highest ethical standards and constantly strive to deliver more than we promise. Our sincere gratitude goes out to all of our customers who have extended their loyalty to our company over the years and we look forward to our future successes together.

Our Facilities

A fully equipped tool room with experts on hand for mold building, engineering changes, repairs and general maintenance.

  • 10 injection molding machines ranging in clamping force from 40 to 400 tons. Our presses have electronically retrievable set-up to ensure process repeatability.
  • A fully-equipped tool room with experts on hand for tool design support, mold building, engineering changes, repairs and general maintenance.
  • Secondary Operations and Assembly
  • Dedicated space available for assembly, packaging, and other value added services.
  • Warehouse space available for customers interested in ship-to-stock programs, or who require other warehousing needs.