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Engineering for Mold Tooling Manufacturing

Metal Injection Mold
Metal Injection Mold

Besides assisting our customers in designing the plastic products they require and assisting in material selection, we offer engineering services for the design and fabrication of production tooling. Our experienced designers work closely with customers to design plastic injection molds that meet cycle life and part requirements. Our design process quickly identifies molding feasibility and cost drivers to ensure benefits and savings for our customers. We offer full 3D tool design capability and our designers use software such as SolidWorks to design tooling required by customers.

Our designers assist customers in choosing appropriate materials for their tooling. Aluminum is generally used for short-run molds, while P-20 steel and other hardened metals are used for higher production requirements. Cycle times, production volumes, and molding materials are taken into account when selecting the appropriate tool steel. Tools are designed in such a manner that the quality and repeatability of the molding process are ensured. We specialize in the design and manufacture of class “A” molds, P-20 steel molds, as well as prototype aluminum tooling.

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Engineering for Mold Tooling Manufacturing Capabilities

Materials List
7075 Aluminum
H-13 Steel
P-20 Steel
S7 Steel
T6 Aluminum
Software Used
Mastercam Milling Software
Solidworks CAD Software
Quality Certification
ISO 9001:2015
Industries Served
Government Agencies
Sporting Goods